Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Sunday, January 30, 2011

WOW what a weekend!

We're getting down to the last few days here.  The kids as well as most of the parents are itching to get home and back to some resemblance of normalcy.  This weekend topped off the experience and made it one memorable night that'll bond us all here together forever.  At dinner, Ryan started turning purple, not sure why, might have been my cooking, but his mom thought it would be best to take him in.  Then a few hours later Rhett or as I call him the Favo RHett, was having trouble catching his breath and was becoming weak.  So Rhonda, took off with him to the hospital.  At about midnight Ryan and his mom and Dad came back, nothing out of the ordinary they gave him some oxygen and sent him home.  About 1am we received a call from Rhonda they were going to transport Rhett to Belleville, about 45 min away by ambulance, and Rhonda needed some medicine from the house.  Mark and I raced up to the hospital only to find that they already had left, so off to Belleville we went.  Felt a little like Balto crossing the frozen tundra to bring medicine to then Alaskan natives.  We arrived about 3am, and the Ped's dr wasn't in so after about an hour of waiting Mark and I headed back home. We did stop for coffee!!  Ten minutes out of Belleville and WHAMO!!!! We hit a deer going about 50mph.  Of course it hit my side of the car slammed into the hood and windshield then up and over the car it went.  And for the first time in my life I heard the sound of little hoofs on the rooftop!  Anyways, Mark swore and pulled over and got out to assess the damage.  At first glance I thought maybe I imagined hitting the deer, no broken windshield, no broken grill.  moonroof intact.  And no deer either to be seen.  When we got a little closer we noticed the front rt headlight was broken, but after that a couple hoof marks on the roof, a few on the trunk lid, and that was it. We hit a deer at 50mph and it rolled over our car and the car  was pretty much okay.  We did find the deer it was just off the road but it limped away when we approached.

Got home about 5am, then Rhett and Rhonda showed up shortly after that, they thought it was an asthma attack, and gave him some treatments and away they went.  One really long night and one really tiring day.  But nevertheless and unforgettable one as well.  See everyone soon.

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