Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We're here! First day of Class!!

After some poorly worded directions from Google maps, we made it.  Kind of funny the directions just ended with and 453 on kinneard drive.  453 ft til what?  I was close about a halfmile away.  We moved into our room met a few folks, and off to bed.

We met for class at 8:30am and officially met the instructors(two Women) the lead instructor from Hungary quite the accent, not sure i'll ever be able to get her voice out of my head.  She was able to talk over 3 screaming kids and belt out instructions, "led food at da nes and rezs it and down, gud, again?"  We would all look at each other puzzled until she would grab some unfortunate kid and raise his leg up and he'd twist in agony. Kind of reminded me of MR. George in football, when he took his glasses off  you always made sure you were the one holding them. Anyways, kids screaming, yelling, one kid would get mad and slam his head back on the wood planks.  Which everytime someone would cry Brody would think it was funny?  I don't know, kids got a wicked streak in him.

Tuesday's class was pretty much a repeat Brody fell asleep at lunch time he was so tired, but we did get a chance to try the Hyperbaric Chamber treatment or HBOT.  PRetty cool, you would think.  The kids put these seal rings around there necks and we all climb into this 8x8 room about 5 feet tall and the start to increase the pressure.  The pressure feels like an airplane or diving under water to about 16 ft.  For the kids though rather dificult to equalize so again lots of screaming and kicking, but once we get to the right level the hoods go on which pump pure oxygen into their space helmets. The theory is the chamber squeezes the oxygen molecules so you're brain can obsorb more oxygen in small units, therefore more oxygenate blood gets to more places in the brain.  They say it works and I just think it's funny looking, and of course taking the hoses off I smacked Brody in the nose and gave him a bloody nose.  Real smooth.  Anyways, the next day he had his best day yet, went poops on the potty, did all of his tasks, was the only kid to get two stars, and ate what I had for dinner, so who knows,   Anyways, till tomorrow "stay Classy San Diego"

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