Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter festival

I feel as we get closer to the end that I should be taking more notes or writing more frequently, not sure that's going to happen though.

 Seems like we're a world away and life's going on as we spend day after day doing the same routine.  It's like being in "Groundhogs day"  Which is coming up next week, maybe we'll get to go home after that?  GO Punxatawney Phil!!  This morning I learned that Rhonda from Mississippi is from a dry county.  The Canadians couldn't understand it, and really I can't either but then I told the story about when I got in trouble in High school so my mom sent me to live with my Aunt down south. And I told them this story...  If I recall, nobody told me much about the school so I was a little out of place had on a button up short sleeve shirt and a skinny leather tie.  On the way to school I was pulled over and the cops took my Quiet Riot cassette  disturbing the peace.  Anyways,   I  learned that the county had outlawed dancing and music. things weren't so bad, though,  I started to date the Pastor's daughter and my best friend and I decided to take it up with the school board to get our Prom back, I read some bible scriptures and the pastor eventually gave in.  A couple of fights with the locals, a tractor chicken race, and we were dancing.  I remember going to PRom and Yelling "Everybody let's Dance" and everybody starting cutting lose."  So at this point she said that sounds an awful like like the movie "Footloose"I said I don't know we were pretty famous down there and I heard someone might have made a movie about it. Don't know".  Then I started talking about something else, and you could tell she wanted to say something but didn't know if I was joking or not!  Sometimes, I tell jokes around here and I'm the only one laughing.

Today was the local winterfest, let's see bed racing ( see pic on the right)(left pic is my winding ribbon, yeah red is for first place here, honest). Adult trike races on the ice, some offshoot of curling done with logs, and a toilet seat game!  I think we'd call this a redneck picnic but I guess that's what they do around here when it gets cold. So back to therapy!

We had two tank dives today, and two tomorrow, not sure what happens to Brody in there, but all the kids are sleeping and he'll be wide awake kicking his feet then he'll drop a bomb on everyone.  Both times today we had to smell the wrath of Broden.

 This is the last week, so getting down to the end, and I don't think anyone could be happier, really tough being gone so long and removed from everything at home.  When I left we were just finishing the year and Christmas holiday was still going! Now when I get back 1/12th of the year will be gone almost 10%.  I think I'm starting to go stir crazy being stuck inside for so long.  Here I am typing a blog it's like the "Shining",  I looked into the mirror after Brody took a bath and I swear he said RedRum?  What's that mean?

Okay, so we quarantined the house today, a couple of kids are getting sick.  So I washed all the bed linens and all of our clothes, decided to do that at the laundry mat.  first time there.  Quite the place to really get to know the local folk. Found out which machines to use from a toothless chains smoker, real nice guy.   I know, I know,  this blog is dedicated to Brody, and he's doing extremely well,  I think people are going to notice a difference and we've only been here five weeks.  I guess it shows the potential he could have if we can continue to push and challenge him.  Wednesday, we're doing the after videos, which they'll give us a copy of, so looking forward to seeing how much he's improved.  Hopefully, I can post that to youtube so all can see.     Adios!

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