Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday January 8th?

Today's blog is more about the environment then the actual events related to Brody and his development.  The building/home is built from two modular buildings that someone decided to connect together, then add  a room in the far left and 3 rooms on the back.  So it's shaped like a giant U.  In the main hall way there's probably 12 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. When you walk in the front room there's small living room with a crappy rabbit ear TV to your left and an old worn out leather couch, then to the left of the room is the entrance to the main hall which runs the length of the building ending in the kitchen.  The flooring is that crappy commercial grade tile you would imagine came out of a Walmart.  Anyways, there are rules posted everywhere, make sure you shut the door when you leave!  Don't leave dishes in the sink!  Don't put foreign objects down the toilet, etc!  Don't tell anyone but I did flush some American toilet paper down the toilet take that for a foreign object!  Yeah that's how bad the jokes are getting!!  Anyways, Everyone get's a shelf in one of 3 fridges, a cupboard in the pantry and a bag to put frozen goods in.  Mind you most of the appliances, stoves, etc, are probably things that would come out of one of our rentals, not the nicest stuff!  So, as time has gone by people have left various things behind for us to use.  If you were to drive by, well first of all you never would find the place, but if you did you would think it was run by a large farm family and as they had kids they just added on.  From all of this description what's my point.  Well the electrical has been added onto as well, so some rooms don't have light switches and rooms that do sometimes have switches to lights in rooms far away.  The well went dry some years ago so they ship water in.  Nothing like sharing shower water with others and having one of those sweet water saver shower heads, my eyes are still burning from the shampoo that was left over.  I finally ran out of time and had to get out and couldn't rinse all the shampoo off, oh and I forgot my towels in the room,  but that's another story.  It was kind of cute Brody was sitting on his little potty the whole time, so when I got out of the shower he just looked up at me and I know he was thinking "you finally done".  Oh, and the furnace they say is set at 72 degrees, but I think they're talking celcius not farenheit because I lost 10 lbs of water weight last night,  feel like I'm back in wrestling.

So....  on to the real story of the day, and I hate to just break into the end until I give you a little background on the folks here.  Today, I was talking to UMA ,or Mike, as she likes to be called,  I would say she is the matriach of the house,  she's been here 4 times and likes everyone to know and she just likes to be helpful.  She does cook great cookies and banana bread, so I can put up with her stories and remedies.  Now, she's 67 so just wanted to make that's clear and 5ft 2 because she told me and about 180 lbs not sure what that is in kilos, but about 70 stones?  Her husband Ken,  looks like Jim Carrey from ME myself and IRene, buzz cut, glasses, very particular,  a retired electrical engineer.  Everyday in the HBOT(hyperbaric chamber). He sits down and will say "now ladies you'll need to pop your ears on the way down.  I like to yawn make sure you yawn."  The last couple of times he forgot to say something so I asked him if we were going down yet and what we should do. This of course would remind him to tell everyone to start yawning, drinking fluids, etc.   I know the ladies appreciated it, his stories would turn into  long conjectures about how his wife didn't equalize once and tried to make it and ended up hurting her ears;  pretty much every dive we get the same thing, which today we had two dives and got a double dose of Captain Ken!  Each dive is about 2 hours.
Every morning Ken spends 5 minutes spreading the coffee grounds around the inside of the coffee filter, then gets bottles of water and fills up the coffee machine and makes coffee, when it's ready he always offers it up "anyone want some TIm Horton's Coffee"  It's like Thomas hammer around here, I've never heard of it either but he's pretty proud of it.  So Mike(the female or Ken's wife), was telling me Ken's ritual for 40 years he will make me a cup of coffee taste it and then hand it to me and give me a kiss.  Now I've watched this routine all week.  So being the nice guy I am... Ken made the coffee, then spread the grounds, etc, etc,...  but when the coffee was done I noticed he wasn't around.  So, I poured Uma or Mike a cup and said cheers, and continued on my breakfast. Then Uma said you know you really messed up his routine of 40 years, and he usually gives me a kiss,  I said " Well you'll have to get the rest from him".  Of course when he returned she immediately ratted me out.  I watched him grab the cup from her hands take a sip then hand it to her.  Then he turned to me and said "Did you give here the kiss too" I said "no, she's waiting for you".  He said "Good because when I give her a kiss I grab her boobs as well" "Say What!".  Then I witnessed a scene I won't forget in the near future, something out of a horror flick a 70 year old man groping his 67 year old wife, and right before he grabbed her he said" you have to reach way down here they've kind of fallen over the years".  Well  now isn't that nice!!!

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