Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Halfway point

Brody and I have reached the halfway point  of the 5 week program.  We all went to town to celebrate quite the adventure.  First, it was off to the natureopath store, where we bought some SAGE in Bulk.  Just an fyi if you have stiff muscles a soak in Sage should do the trick, then add a little thyme after a couple hours and some rosemary to the mix.  Then after about forty minutes add butter and broil  until the skin turns brown, oh wait, I think I just gave you my turkey recipe!!  Then it was off to the fabric store where two little old ladies tried to help us figure out how much fabric we needed to make our splints and wrist guards for Brody.  I kept adding up the calculations in my head and kept correcting the gal.  Yes, I'm making a set of leg splints and arm splints so x2 on the fabric x2 for the set and then another set.  She kept using her calculator and it was driving me nuts.  It wasn't rocket scientist! Well, I hope I got enough, fabric.  All of the mom's picked out cool fabrics and patterns. We got black!!  With Black piping, and black velcro, he's going to look like a character off of Sprockets!   I think I've officially gone over the edge, though; nature stores, and fabric!  Where's my sewing machine, here comes Betsy Ross!!  Yeah I just wrote about fabric Land and even complimented the little old lady on her fine quilt she made.  I'm not sure but I think my testosterone levels have dropped to an all time low.  Where's Susan Powter when I need her someone please "STop the insanity"

Things have been great this week the boys are all doing really well.  There's very little complaining and a lot of work being accomplished.  I think I remember them saying that week three is the week that you'll see the biggest gains, so far looks like they are correct.  Some of the muscle building exercises are starting to work and the kids are doing a lot of things I didn't think we'd see.  Now we're starting to prepare for when we get home, make sure we have the proper equipment, so there won't be any gaps or set backs, etc.  Today,  Brody, started pulling himself on the plank better than he has in the past few times.  Brody even walked further with the walker than any other day and with less complaining.     It was really exciting to see him take about 10 steps on his own and to watch him move each foot ever so slowly just barely dragging the toe on the ground and bringing it to a rest just in front of the other foot.  It must be extremely difficult for him to just stand on one leg as he pulls and stretches to raise the other foot.  You can  see the concentration on his face but after about 10 steps he breaks down and collapses.  The teacher picks him up and we start all over, can't imagine working out and every time working yourself to exhaustion and collapsing.  Then being asked to stand up and do it again.  It's funny you can tell when he gets tired but he doesn't seem to anticipate the next work out, or he knows it's good for him so he doesn't complain.  I would think when we started strapping him in to the walker he would start to resist but he never has!!  What a kid and a great week!

So, Back to the whole testosterone thing.  I was starting to feel like I was beginning to get on the same cycle as the girls in the house, and driving me a little nuts!HA! Fabricland, we watched the biggest loser together, I had a headache one of the gals gave me a midal.  You get the point!!   I don't mind reaching out to my feminine side but I think I'm hitting the point of no return  I need to  buy a gun, slap on some calfskin underwear and  and go find some Tatonka to kill!  Well, maybe, not quite, but I think you get the point,.   So Rhett(Brody's little friend), Brody and I were in the car waiting for the girls to get out of the store.  I made a few phone calls, and Rhett start to miss his Mimi( as he calls Rhonda).  So, I figured he being from Mississippi never really saw much snow.(BTW, as we were sitting there 3 snow mobiles  came flying down the road and stopped at the gas station to fill up, then drove to the store and took off. Don't see that in Spokane).  Anyways, took Brody and Rhett for a ride in an empty parking lot,  They were both belly laughing and having a great time as we spun round and round. I kept telling Rhett,  you like spinnin Broadies with Brody, and he would laugh!   We watched as Rhonda came out of the store and searched around for us!! the kids were laughing and having a great time.  That's what guy time's all about!! I think I'm good for awhile!!  Take care all!!

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  1. hi daddy. this is ryan. i hear brody is doing good. i miss you alot. i like the picture of brody. i have to go to school now it is 8;39. love ryan