Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Friday, January 7, 2011

The first week is up!

Wow the first week of class has finished, and man what an interesting week.  It's extremely dificult to come up with a fitting analogy but the class itself isn't anything more than Brody already gets, but more intensive.  I think it would be like trying to break a horse that has run free.  It takes a lot of patience and hard work.  Today for instance, Rhett starting throwing a fit(the other two kids have been doing it constantly, Brody thinks it's funny) anyways, after about an hour they asked the mom to leave the room, or as I like to say they asked one of our girls to step outside.  Anyways, for the next hour they forced Rhett to use the walker and refused to give in to his tantrum.  Finally, the crying stopped the put him up in the walker and he walked to class, then he sat down for lunch, the mom returned and he was acting normal.  These kids are way smarter than we give them credit for:  they will try to cry, kick(one kid constantly bangs his head on the table), hit, poop(this is Brody's favorite), fall asleep, throw up(yes a kid did this the first few days), pull hair, fall off the chair, anything to get out of doing the work.  The instructors are extremely adapt at handling all sorts of situations, and are able to get these kids to start to calm down and listen. 

Now this is where our little Brody has an advantage.  Developmentally, he might be one of the least developed kids, but everyday he gives 110%.  He listens and attempts every task that is asked of him, where some of the other boys, are fighting trying to get out of doing it, Brody is working hard at the task.  Typically, the only time I hear anything out of him is when they stand him up to walk.  This typically, will require him in arm splints and holding on to the back of a chair.  I hold his wrists, as the teacher helps move his feet and keep his knees straight.  Everyday you can tell he gets just a little better.  When's he's walking his body is twitching from trying to keep it upright and he has more of a grunting noise than a cry.  I think he really wants to learn and do better, which in the end will help him get further ahead. 

He has become a bit of a wicked little boy however;  I started feeding him cheese puffs to try and get him used to chewing, I accidentally left the bag next to him while the girls and I cooked dinner( yes I know what it sounds like and that's pretty much what it is) and the next thing you know he was smiling and the whole bag was turned out on the table, that wouldn't have been so funny but he did it the next day at lunch.  Then when I picked up the cheese puffs, and closed the bag, he reached out spun the bag around grab the bottom and started to shake it.  He knew exactly what he was doing.  Anyways, I wish I could take pic's and send them but it's not allowed.  I would imagine from someone looking in from the outside that it looks cruel, but a week has gone by and some of the kids that cried the entire first day are starting to realize they can't get away with it. 

Anyways, everyone have a great weekend, maybe Brody will post this weekend.  We have two dives tomorrow and two on Sunday not exactly what I had planned for the weekend, but what else is there really to do here,  ICE Fishing?  No thanks!!

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