Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 2 Down 3 to go!!

This week was a wild and crazy one! It really seemed like the kids were starting to get into a routine and were o responding well  to some of the treaments. Extremely cool seeing kids start to walk for the first time and the excitement they have. I was watching one little boy on the walker and he got so excited he tried to jump.  Remember these kids are all about 2 years.  Luckily they do a before and after video.  I made sure in the before picture that both Brody and I didn't look to good.  Kinda like a weight watchers video. Black and white belly's sticking out!  Then voila! color picture smiling; I guess we'll see, eh!  Ya know(this is the start of my Canadian accent eh),
The last few days have been good one's.  I tried to go in on my own and have Brody use the walker, not sure he's really up to that just yet. Maybe he gets too tired too fast, or if he hates the mittens(the things we use to tie his hands to the bar so he can't let go).  Not sure but we only went about 3 steps and he was doing everything in his power to get out. For a kid who wasn't very strong a few months ago, he's definitely getting much stronger.  So I think we'll try that again later!  Not sure what the difference is, but if I hold his forearms and stand in front of him and walk; moving his feet a little he's great but if I have him his the walker, not working, maybe I'll get him hooked up on the walker and stand in front of him, so he knows I won't be behind him if he falls?
So the day is divided up into stretching for about and hour, potty time, snack time, some standing and reaching another hour, potty time again, then the individual workout( this is the walking, rolling, crawling part) the hardest part of the day, then sit down and some fine motor skills and lunch.  This past week Brody has fallen asleep each day after the individual workout, right at the table, poor little guy!
We did do some new individual workouts, Brody did extremely well in one, we splinted both his arms and legs and put him between two chairs,  I sat behind him making sure he stood up straight, trying to strengthen his core.  I've never seen him stand up for so long;  I didn't realize how tall he was, I think it kind of surprised him to because he's was smiling away at first.  So, I get people asking what do you expect or think he'll get from the class:
After watching for a few weeks, I think we get a glimpse at some of the possibilities that might be possible if we continue to push and work him.  I'd like to say he'll come home running and everything will be okay, but the reality is he's so far behind that even if he starting developing at a normal rate it would take years of hard work to get him to where he should be.  The exciting part of all of this though is 4 months ago we couldn't get him to even stand, now he does it with ease.  His fine motors skills are improving, he can grasp a spoon.  I have started feeding him more normal foods.  Sascha might not like this part but he loves cheetos!  He takes such a gingerly bite! He had chocolate pudding for the first time, jello, gold fish crackers, chocolate milk, orange juice, apple juice, pepsi(just to try, he only really drinks milk right now and trying to get him off that as his only source of fluids.
With that said, his bowels are very active I've slowed down his laxative, and I changed 15 dirty diapers yesterday, didn't go on the potty once, and I know he waits until I put the diaper back on, or we go into the chamber, not cool to sit for up to two hours smelling a dirty diaper in a very compact space.  Cheers to all those following along, Brody loves hearing any comments, and keep the prayers coming.


  1. Love to hear how you guys are doing up there. Good work Brody! Love, Aunt Colleen

  2. awesome brody! your lovig sister ARI

  3. Hi Brody & Shaun,
    I love Cheetos too, you've got good taste. Its even better with a swig of pepsi afterwards. Watch out for the orange fingers though! Happy to hear things are going well and that you are getting stronger every day. Love, TT

  4. What a FANTASTIC blog. Read everything in one sitting. Can't wait for your next posting.
    Great job you two - what an amazing team you are!!!!