Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Sunday, January 30, 2011

WOW what a weekend!

We're getting down to the last few days here.  The kids as well as most of the parents are itching to get home and back to some resemblance of normalcy.  This weekend topped off the experience and made it one memorable night that'll bond us all here together forever.  At dinner, Ryan started turning purple, not sure why, might have been my cooking, but his mom thought it would be best to take him in.  Then a few hours later Rhett or as I call him the Favo RHett, was having trouble catching his breath and was becoming weak.  So Rhonda, took off with him to the hospital.  At about midnight Ryan and his mom and Dad came back, nothing out of the ordinary they gave him some oxygen and sent him home.  About 1am we received a call from Rhonda they were going to transport Rhett to Belleville, about 45 min away by ambulance, and Rhonda needed some medicine from the house.  Mark and I raced up to the hospital only to find that they already had left, so off to Belleville we went.  Felt a little like Balto crossing the frozen tundra to bring medicine to then Alaskan natives.  We arrived about 3am, and the Ped's dr wasn't in so after about an hour of waiting Mark and I headed back home. We did stop for coffee!!  Ten minutes out of Belleville and WHAMO!!!! We hit a deer going about 50mph.  Of course it hit my side of the car slammed into the hood and windshield then up and over the car it went.  And for the first time in my life I heard the sound of little hoofs on the rooftop!  Anyways, Mark swore and pulled over and got out to assess the damage.  At first glance I thought maybe I imagined hitting the deer, no broken windshield, no broken grill.  moonroof intact.  And no deer either to be seen.  When we got a little closer we noticed the front rt headlight was broken, but after that a couple hoof marks on the roof, a few on the trunk lid, and that was it. We hit a deer at 50mph and it rolled over our car and the car  was pretty much okay.  We did find the deer it was just off the road but it limped away when we approached.

Got home about 5am, then Rhett and Rhonda showed up shortly after that, they thought it was an asthma attack, and gave him some treatments and away they went.  One really long night and one really tiring day.  But nevertheless and unforgettable one as well.  See everyone soon.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter festival

I feel as we get closer to the end that I should be taking more notes or writing more frequently, not sure that's going to happen though.

 Seems like we're a world away and life's going on as we spend day after day doing the same routine.  It's like being in "Groundhogs day"  Which is coming up next week, maybe we'll get to go home after that?  GO Punxatawney Phil!!  This morning I learned that Rhonda from Mississippi is from a dry county.  The Canadians couldn't understand it, and really I can't either but then I told the story about when I got in trouble in High school so my mom sent me to live with my Aunt down south. And I told them this story...  If I recall, nobody told me much about the school so I was a little out of place had on a button up short sleeve shirt and a skinny leather tie.  On the way to school I was pulled over and the cops took my Quiet Riot cassette  disturbing the peace.  Anyways,   I  learned that the county had outlawed dancing and music. things weren't so bad, though,  I started to date the Pastor's daughter and my best friend and I decided to take it up with the school board to get our Prom back, I read some bible scriptures and the pastor eventually gave in.  A couple of fights with the locals, a tractor chicken race, and we were dancing.  I remember going to PRom and Yelling "Everybody let's Dance" and everybody starting cutting lose."  So at this point she said that sounds an awful like like the movie "Footloose"I said I don't know we were pretty famous down there and I heard someone might have made a movie about it. Don't know".  Then I started talking about something else, and you could tell she wanted to say something but didn't know if I was joking or not!  Sometimes, I tell jokes around here and I'm the only one laughing.

Today was the local winterfest, let's see bed racing ( see pic on the right)(left pic is my winding ribbon, yeah red is for first place here, honest). Adult trike races on the ice, some offshoot of curling done with logs, and a toilet seat game!  I think we'd call this a redneck picnic but I guess that's what they do around here when it gets cold. So back to therapy!

We had two tank dives today, and two tomorrow, not sure what happens to Brody in there, but all the kids are sleeping and he'll be wide awake kicking his feet then he'll drop a bomb on everyone.  Both times today we had to smell the wrath of Broden.

 This is the last week, so getting down to the end, and I don't think anyone could be happier, really tough being gone so long and removed from everything at home.  When I left we were just finishing the year and Christmas holiday was still going! Now when I get back 1/12th of the year will be gone almost 10%.  I think I'm starting to go stir crazy being stuck inside for so long.  Here I am typing a blog it's like the "Shining",  I looked into the mirror after Brody took a bath and I swear he said RedRum?  What's that mean?

Okay, so we quarantined the house today, a couple of kids are getting sick.  So I washed all the bed linens and all of our clothes, decided to do that at the laundry mat.  first time there.  Quite the place to really get to know the local folk. Found out which machines to use from a toothless chains smoker, real nice guy.   I know, I know,  this blog is dedicated to Brody, and he's doing extremely well,  I think people are going to notice a difference and we've only been here five weeks.  I guess it shows the potential he could have if we can continue to push and challenge him.  Wednesday, we're doing the after videos, which they'll give us a copy of, so looking forward to seeing how much he's improved.  Hopefully, I can post that to youtube so all can see.     Adios!

Monday, January 24, 2011

almost there!! Cutting it close!!

I know I was complaining or more commenting on being one of the girls and I needed more guy time, etc.  Well we'll come back to that later, but today was probably the best day for all of the kids in the camp.  We went through stretching, lying, sitting, and standing with barely a peep out of any of the kids.  Remember, one of the first posts the kids screamed the entire day and today was simply amazing watching these kids follow along. 
I do have to say I was extremely, concerned, scared, apprehensive about the hyperbaric chamber treatment.  It sounded a little voodoo ish.  You go into a chamber, put on a hood and just breath in and you get better.  However, I have seen some great things that I don't think can come from just therapy alone: one boy who's nose ran constantly and had snot hanging out( one day I thought he had a piece of spaghettie caught in his nose, like he sneezed it out.  I reached over to yank it out and it wasn't spaghetti)nothing not even a drip now.  Another child was barely verbal and started picking up more words, and using a hand that was severely hampered by a stroke.Today, one child used a bottle for the first time.  Also, Brody's eyes seem to have become a little focused.  I think that's why some of the recent pics he looks so good is that he is now starting to focus on the person and will look you in the eye rather than stare in your direction.  Compound this with the therapy and I'm extremely excited for Brody's future.  Again, this is no miracle cure for him, although one boy that couldn't move early on crawled into our room today, and is speaking more clearly.  Another boy, who couldn't sit on his own, or hold a spoon, fed himself at the kids table sitting in a chair.  I would imagine within months two of the boys in Brody's class should be using walkers pretty regularly.  I'll miss seeing them do something new everyday.
So, I spoke to the teacher today and asked the question that everyone always seems to avoid.  Is and if Brody will walk?  And.... the... answer... is...  Let me see if I can paraphase it.  "He's doing really well, his back is getting stronger and he can stay standing when helped up, but he still needs a lot of support to keep him from falling over, so it's really hard to tell".  Shoot! haven't heard that answer before. I guess I didn't realize how weak his upper body was or how far he needed to go!  So, tomorrow the teacher is going to give me specific excercises to build his upper body, to help with the crawling and everyday movements.  She did say if we can continue on with his therapies and his growth continues at this rate,  then we should really see some definite improvements in his sitting and fine motor skills!  So, not exactly what I wanted to hear, but a positive message. Besides, I don't think you'll ever get a doctor or a teacher to comment specifically on his abilities. 
Christina, his teacher did mention that we should continue to try and find out if his condition is Genetic, a disease, an acute incident at birth or something else, this could help in future therapies.  Some of you may not know the extent of Brody's history, but real briefly,
He started having seizures at 4 days, they were uncontrollable and developed into infantile spasms(which stunted all growth and he became blind).  We put him on all sorts of medications and one early diagnosis was that he had a rare genetic disorder that would cause him to probably die before age 5 and would never walk or talk!  This diagnosis was quickly withdrawn, but I swear for the next year I was scared to go into his room at night.  My dates maybe off a little here, but basically, he was a vegatable until 18 months or so when the seizures stopped.  At that time, he couldn't communicate in anyway, and we had to guess when he needed to be fed, clothed, etc.  About this same time we got a second opinion on his eyes and within a week we were in surgery re-aligning his eyes.  At this time he started to laugh, focus a little and come out of his fog.  We have been thrilled to see where we came from to today. 
As a parent of a child with Special needs it might be much easier to handle or deal with a child who is so far behind.  I've listened to other parents who talk about how frustrated they are with their kids, and if they could only stand, or use this hand better, or whatever, that things would be far better for the child.  It seems like its the parent with the problem not the child.  If a child is almost normal it's far more dificult to handle as a parent, I don't know maybe it's the expectations are higher; or being so close to normal is much harder on the parents.  Or it could be that with Brody we were given the worst possible outcome early on and now everything  we see him do is something we never thought we would see.  As a parent we're always told that the kids should out-live you, it's the way it's supposed to be.  When you have a child that is severly limited in their abilities, you start to ask yourself what's going to happen 20-30 years from now.  I think the answer comes from knowing that Brody was put here to serve a purpose and his life means just as much as everybody elses and he deserves as much attention as we can give him.  When we look back we can be happy or satisfied that we did what we thought was in his best interest and he made the biggest impact he could on those around him.
Ok, so maybe this wasn't such a funny, exciting, or maybe even that great of a post, but let's go back to the beginning paragraph.  So, It's been a little chilly this last weekend.  Just an fyi -40 celcius is the same as -40 fareheit. You ask how do I know, I just do, -30 yesterday, with a windchill into the -50's, but to be honest it feels like a dry cold, so not so bad, kind of like a dry heat.  I had to run to town and pick up Brody's splints I had made from a local seamstress, should have taken about an hour.  Her husband, must be lonely or I just look like some poor sucker with nothing better to do!! And Who would be interested in a stamp collection with over 1 million stamps(no kidding, that's what he told me, floor to ceiling 3-ring binders full of 'em).  Oh and then his coin collection, and his rare fishing lure collection(some haven't ever been in the water), oh and his fishing pole collection, luckily I got out of there two hours later just before he brought out his lighter collection.  So on the way back I was making double time.  Damn Canadians country roads 35 mph, are you kidding me, try 70 and get out of my way, made the turn home onto the dirt road, made the last left turn, and tried to  get back before snack time, car started to drift as I rounded the corner, felt like Vin diesel in Tokyo Drift, I realized I had taken the car out of 4x4 to save gas and didn't put it back in, car kept drifting, but now more like a fish tail and I was heading for a telephone pole, and all I can think of was "Oh Shit" I didn't get the insurance.  So I stomped on the gas turned the wheel towards the ditch and basically, jumped the snow bank and missed the telephone pole by 6 inches.(not kidding on that one, check the pics).  So, the tow truck driver came asked me what happened.  He said something like looks like you just drove straight into the ditch, you must have caught some good air. And just at that second a scene from  Vacation popped into my headed "150 ft huh Russ".  Anyways, I felt pretty good about missing the pole, the car was fine.  I was going to change the story and explain how I tried to dodge a squirrel or a I tried to swerve and miss a baby koala bear, but figured no-one would believe me.  I guess I don't have to worry about being asked to drive anymore.  And I think I won't ask for more guy time or testosterone, anymore. Ciao!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Halfway point

Brody and I have reached the halfway point  of the 5 week program.  We all went to town to celebrate quite the adventure.  First, it was off to the natureopath store, where we bought some SAGE in Bulk.  Just an fyi if you have stiff muscles a soak in Sage should do the trick, then add a little thyme after a couple hours and some rosemary to the mix.  Then after about forty minutes add butter and broil  until the skin turns brown, oh wait, I think I just gave you my turkey recipe!!  Then it was off to the fabric store where two little old ladies tried to help us figure out how much fabric we needed to make our splints and wrist guards for Brody.  I kept adding up the calculations in my head and kept correcting the gal.  Yes, I'm making a set of leg splints and arm splints so x2 on the fabric x2 for the set and then another set.  She kept using her calculator and it was driving me nuts.  It wasn't rocket scientist! Well, I hope I got enough, fabric.  All of the mom's picked out cool fabrics and patterns. We got black!!  With Black piping, and black velcro, he's going to look like a character off of Sprockets!   I think I've officially gone over the edge, though; nature stores, and fabric!  Where's my sewing machine, here comes Betsy Ross!!  Yeah I just wrote about fabric Land and even complimented the little old lady on her fine quilt she made.  I'm not sure but I think my testosterone levels have dropped to an all time low.  Where's Susan Powter when I need her someone please "STop the insanity"

Things have been great this week the boys are all doing really well.  There's very little complaining and a lot of work being accomplished.  I think I remember them saying that week three is the week that you'll see the biggest gains, so far looks like they are correct.  Some of the muscle building exercises are starting to work and the kids are doing a lot of things I didn't think we'd see.  Now we're starting to prepare for when we get home, make sure we have the proper equipment, so there won't be any gaps or set backs, etc.  Today,  Brody, started pulling himself on the plank better than he has in the past few times.  Brody even walked further with the walker than any other day and with less complaining.     It was really exciting to see him take about 10 steps on his own and to watch him move each foot ever so slowly just barely dragging the toe on the ground and bringing it to a rest just in front of the other foot.  It must be extremely difficult for him to just stand on one leg as he pulls and stretches to raise the other foot.  You can  see the concentration on his face but after about 10 steps he breaks down and collapses.  The teacher picks him up and we start all over, can't imagine working out and every time working yourself to exhaustion and collapsing.  Then being asked to stand up and do it again.  It's funny you can tell when he gets tired but he doesn't seem to anticipate the next work out, or he knows it's good for him so he doesn't complain.  I would think when we started strapping him in to the walker he would start to resist but he never has!!  What a kid and a great week!

So, Back to the whole testosterone thing.  I was starting to feel like I was beginning to get on the same cycle as the girls in the house, and driving me a little nuts!HA! Fabricland, we watched the biggest loser together, I had a headache one of the gals gave me a midal.  You get the point!!   I don't mind reaching out to my feminine side but I think I'm hitting the point of no return  I need to  buy a gun, slap on some calfskin underwear and  and go find some Tatonka to kill!  Well, maybe, not quite, but I think you get the point,.   So Rhett(Brody's little friend), Brody and I were in the car waiting for the girls to get out of the store.  I made a few phone calls, and Rhett start to miss his Mimi( as he calls Rhonda).  So, I figured he being from Mississippi never really saw much snow.(BTW, as we were sitting there 3 snow mobiles  came flying down the road and stopped at the gas station to fill up, then drove to the store and took off. Don't see that in Spokane).  Anyways, took Brody and Rhett for a ride in an empty parking lot,  They were both belly laughing and having a great time as we spun round and round. I kept telling Rhett,  you like spinnin Broadies with Brody, and he would laugh!   We watched as Rhonda came out of the store and searched around for us!! the kids were laughing and having a great time.  That's what guy time's all about!! I think I'm good for awhile!!  Take care all!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 2 Down 3 to go!!

This week was a wild and crazy one! It really seemed like the kids were starting to get into a routine and were o responding well  to some of the treaments. Extremely cool seeing kids start to walk for the first time and the excitement they have. I was watching one little boy on the walker and he got so excited he tried to jump.  Remember these kids are all about 2 years.  Luckily they do a before and after video.  I made sure in the before picture that both Brody and I didn't look to good.  Kinda like a weight watchers video. Black and white belly's sticking out!  Then voila! color picture smiling; I guess we'll see, eh!  Ya know(this is the start of my Canadian accent eh),
The last few days have been good one's.  I tried to go in on my own and have Brody use the walker, not sure he's really up to that just yet. Maybe he gets too tired too fast, or if he hates the mittens(the things we use to tie his hands to the bar so he can't let go).  Not sure but we only went about 3 steps and he was doing everything in his power to get out. For a kid who wasn't very strong a few months ago, he's definitely getting much stronger.  So I think we'll try that again later!  Not sure what the difference is, but if I hold his forearms and stand in front of him and walk; moving his feet a little he's great but if I have him his the walker, not working, maybe I'll get him hooked up on the walker and stand in front of him, so he knows I won't be behind him if he falls?
So the day is divided up into stretching for about and hour, potty time, snack time, some standing and reaching another hour, potty time again, then the individual workout( this is the walking, rolling, crawling part) the hardest part of the day, then sit down and some fine motor skills and lunch.  This past week Brody has fallen asleep each day after the individual workout, right at the table, poor little guy!
We did do some new individual workouts, Brody did extremely well in one, we splinted both his arms and legs and put him between two chairs,  I sat behind him making sure he stood up straight, trying to strengthen his core.  I've never seen him stand up for so long;  I didn't realize how tall he was, I think it kind of surprised him to because he's was smiling away at first.  So, I get people asking what do you expect or think he'll get from the class:
After watching for a few weeks, I think we get a glimpse at some of the possibilities that might be possible if we continue to push and work him.  I'd like to say he'll come home running and everything will be okay, but the reality is he's so far behind that even if he starting developing at a normal rate it would take years of hard work to get him to where he should be.  The exciting part of all of this though is 4 months ago we couldn't get him to even stand, now he does it with ease.  His fine motors skills are improving, he can grasp a spoon.  I have started feeding him more normal foods.  Sascha might not like this part but he loves cheetos!  He takes such a gingerly bite! He had chocolate pudding for the first time, jello, gold fish crackers, chocolate milk, orange juice, apple juice, pepsi(just to try, he only really drinks milk right now and trying to get him off that as his only source of fluids.
With that said, his bowels are very active I've slowed down his laxative, and I changed 15 dirty diapers yesterday, didn't go on the potty once, and I know he waits until I put the diaper back on, or we go into the chamber, not cool to sit for up to two hours smelling a dirty diaper in a very compact space.  Cheers to all those following along, Brody loves hearing any comments, and keep the prayers coming.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First use of the walker

By the way these blog posted are not edited and I'm usually writing them late at night, so don't grade the grammar or spelling please. 

Yesterday, we started our second week and the fear has been with Brody that he would peak and slowly retreat to his usual state.  So, we worked a little over the weekend, and tried to prevent the glad it's over now let's get back to the way we were.  Anyways, I think he was a little upset with me, because we started doing our standing portion of the class.  This is typically the most dificult and draining on the kids.  There are four kids so two stand while the other two sit with arm splints hanging on to a ladder.  The splints helps them with there grip.  When they finish their standing each child gets an individual task to perform and today the teacher tried the walker with him.  Usually, we use a chair and I hold his fore arms while she works his legs, but today she did the whole thing.  It didn't go too well after about 5 minutes he let go with his hands and plowed face first into the walker.  She was able to get him up but he was a mess, crying, moaning, snot everywhere.  Of course, they don't stop and let you cuddle with him.  She got out the mitts, tied his hands to the walker and away they went.  He made it to the end but wasn't very happy,    It was a pretty rough day for him and me.  I had to stand behind him during this part, because he kept looking at me like I was going to save him...
Anyways, the teacher thought it would be better if we could figure out how to get him to move with just one person rather than two so practicing would be easier.  The teacher did give me some feeding tips and tomorrow I think she's going to help me with an open cup.  She said she wasn't sure how much help we would need and I told her that I needed all the help and advice she could give, the sooner the better.  I think she really likes Brody, she'll ask him how he's doing then give him a big kiss, and he'll just smile!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday January 8th?

Today's blog is more about the environment then the actual events related to Brody and his development.  The building/home is built from two modular buildings that someone decided to connect together, then add  a room in the far left and 3 rooms on the back.  So it's shaped like a giant U.  In the main hall way there's probably 12 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. When you walk in the front room there's small living room with a crappy rabbit ear TV to your left and an old worn out leather couch, then to the left of the room is the entrance to the main hall which runs the length of the building ending in the kitchen.  The flooring is that crappy commercial grade tile you would imagine came out of a Walmart.  Anyways, there are rules posted everywhere, make sure you shut the door when you leave!  Don't leave dishes in the sink!  Don't put foreign objects down the toilet, etc!  Don't tell anyone but I did flush some American toilet paper down the toilet take that for a foreign object!  Yeah that's how bad the jokes are getting!!  Anyways, Everyone get's a shelf in one of 3 fridges, a cupboard in the pantry and a bag to put frozen goods in.  Mind you most of the appliances, stoves, etc, are probably things that would come out of one of our rentals, not the nicest stuff!  So, as time has gone by people have left various things behind for us to use.  If you were to drive by, well first of all you never would find the place, but if you did you would think it was run by a large farm family and as they had kids they just added on.  From all of this description what's my point.  Well the electrical has been added onto as well, so some rooms don't have light switches and rooms that do sometimes have switches to lights in rooms far away.  The well went dry some years ago so they ship water in.  Nothing like sharing shower water with others and having one of those sweet water saver shower heads, my eyes are still burning from the shampoo that was left over.  I finally ran out of time and had to get out and couldn't rinse all the shampoo off, oh and I forgot my towels in the room,  but that's another story.  It was kind of cute Brody was sitting on his little potty the whole time, so when I got out of the shower he just looked up at me and I know he was thinking "you finally done".  Oh, and the furnace they say is set at 72 degrees, but I think they're talking celcius not farenheit because I lost 10 lbs of water weight last night,  feel like I'm back in wrestling.

So....  on to the real story of the day, and I hate to just break into the end until I give you a little background on the folks here.  Today, I was talking to UMA ,or Mike, as she likes to be called,  I would say she is the matriach of the house,  she's been here 4 times and likes everyone to know and she just likes to be helpful.  She does cook great cookies and banana bread, so I can put up with her stories and remedies.  Now, she's 67 so just wanted to make that's clear and 5ft 2 because she told me and about 180 lbs not sure what that is in kilos, but about 70 stones?  Her husband Ken,  looks like Jim Carrey from ME myself and IRene, buzz cut, glasses, very particular,  a retired electrical engineer.  Everyday in the HBOT(hyperbaric chamber). He sits down and will say "now ladies you'll need to pop your ears on the way down.  I like to yawn make sure you yawn."  The last couple of times he forgot to say something so I asked him if we were going down yet and what we should do. This of course would remind him to tell everyone to start yawning, drinking fluids, etc.   I know the ladies appreciated it, his stories would turn into  long conjectures about how his wife didn't equalize once and tried to make it and ended up hurting her ears;  pretty much every dive we get the same thing, which today we had two dives and got a double dose of Captain Ken!  Each dive is about 2 hours.
Every morning Ken spends 5 minutes spreading the coffee grounds around the inside of the coffee filter, then gets bottles of water and fills up the coffee machine and makes coffee, when it's ready he always offers it up "anyone want some TIm Horton's Coffee"  It's like Thomas hammer around here, I've never heard of it either but he's pretty proud of it.  So Mike(the female or Ken's wife), was telling me Ken's ritual for 40 years he will make me a cup of coffee taste it and then hand it to me and give me a kiss.  Now I've watched this routine all week.  So being the nice guy I am... Ken made the coffee, then spread the grounds, etc, etc,...  but when the coffee was done I noticed he wasn't around.  So, I poured Uma or Mike a cup and said cheers, and continued on my breakfast. Then Uma said you know you really messed up his routine of 40 years, and he usually gives me a kiss,  I said " Well you'll have to get the rest from him".  Of course when he returned she immediately ratted me out.  I watched him grab the cup from her hands take a sip then hand it to her.  Then he turned to me and said "Did you give here the kiss too" I said "no, she's waiting for you".  He said "Good because when I give her a kiss I grab her boobs as well" "Say What!".  Then I witnessed a scene I won't forget in the near future, something out of a horror flick a 70 year old man groping his 67 year old wife, and right before he grabbed her he said" you have to reach way down here they've kind of fallen over the years".  Well  now isn't that nice!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

The first week is up!

Wow the first week of class has finished, and man what an interesting week.  It's extremely dificult to come up with a fitting analogy but the class itself isn't anything more than Brody already gets, but more intensive.  I think it would be like trying to break a horse that has run free.  It takes a lot of patience and hard work.  Today for instance, Rhett starting throwing a fit(the other two kids have been doing it constantly, Brody thinks it's funny) anyways, after about an hour they asked the mom to leave the room, or as I like to say they asked one of our girls to step outside.  Anyways, for the next hour they forced Rhett to use the walker and refused to give in to his tantrum.  Finally, the crying stopped the put him up in the walker and he walked to class, then he sat down for lunch, the mom returned and he was acting normal.  These kids are way smarter than we give them credit for:  they will try to cry, kick(one kid constantly bangs his head on the table), hit, poop(this is Brody's favorite), fall asleep, throw up(yes a kid did this the first few days), pull hair, fall off the chair, anything to get out of doing the work.  The instructors are extremely adapt at handling all sorts of situations, and are able to get these kids to start to calm down and listen. 

Now this is where our little Brody has an advantage.  Developmentally, he might be one of the least developed kids, but everyday he gives 110%.  He listens and attempts every task that is asked of him, where some of the other boys, are fighting trying to get out of doing it, Brody is working hard at the task.  Typically, the only time I hear anything out of him is when they stand him up to walk.  This typically, will require him in arm splints and holding on to the back of a chair.  I hold his wrists, as the teacher helps move his feet and keep his knees straight.  Everyday you can tell he gets just a little better.  When's he's walking his body is twitching from trying to keep it upright and he has more of a grunting noise than a cry.  I think he really wants to learn and do better, which in the end will help him get further ahead. 

He has become a bit of a wicked little boy however;  I started feeding him cheese puffs to try and get him used to chewing, I accidentally left the bag next to him while the girls and I cooked dinner( yes I know what it sounds like and that's pretty much what it is) and the next thing you know he was smiling and the whole bag was turned out on the table, that wouldn't have been so funny but he did it the next day at lunch.  Then when I picked up the cheese puffs, and closed the bag, he reached out spun the bag around grab the bottom and started to shake it.  He knew exactly what he was doing.  Anyways, I wish I could take pic's and send them but it's not allowed.  I would imagine from someone looking in from the outside that it looks cruel, but a week has gone by and some of the kids that cried the entire first day are starting to realize they can't get away with it. 

Anyways, everyone have a great weekend, maybe Brody will post this weekend.  We have two dives tomorrow and two on Sunday not exactly what I had planned for the weekend, but what else is there really to do here,  ICE Fishing?  No thanks!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We're here! First day of Class!!

After some poorly worded directions from Google maps, we made it.  Kind of funny the directions just ended with and 453 on kinneard drive.  453 ft til what?  I was close about a halfmile away.  We moved into our room met a few folks, and off to bed.

We met for class at 8:30am and officially met the instructors(two Women) the lead instructor from Hungary quite the accent, not sure i'll ever be able to get her voice out of my head.  She was able to talk over 3 screaming kids and belt out instructions, "led food at da nes and rezs it and down, gud, again?"  We would all look at each other puzzled until she would grab some unfortunate kid and raise his leg up and he'd twist in agony. Kind of reminded me of MR. George in football, when he took his glasses off  you always made sure you were the one holding them. Anyways, kids screaming, yelling, one kid would get mad and slam his head back on the wood planks.  Which everytime someone would cry Brody would think it was funny?  I don't know, kids got a wicked streak in him.

Tuesday's class was pretty much a repeat Brody fell asleep at lunch time he was so tired, but we did get a chance to try the Hyperbaric Chamber treatment or HBOT.  PRetty cool, you would think.  The kids put these seal rings around there necks and we all climb into this 8x8 room about 5 feet tall and the start to increase the pressure.  The pressure feels like an airplane or diving under water to about 16 ft.  For the kids though rather dificult to equalize so again lots of screaming and kicking, but once we get to the right level the hoods go on which pump pure oxygen into their space helmets. The theory is the chamber squeezes the oxygen molecules so you're brain can obsorb more oxygen in small units, therefore more oxygenate blood gets to more places in the brain.  They say it works and I just think it's funny looking, and of course taking the hoses off I smacked Brody in the nose and gave him a bloody nose.  Real smooth.  Anyways, the next day he had his best day yet, went poops on the potty, did all of his tasks, was the only kid to get two stars, and ate what I had for dinner, so who knows,   Anyways, till tomorrow "stay Classy San Diego"

The Drive and the falls

We drove to Niagara falls, spent 10 bucks on parking and froze our asses off, but I figured we were this close why not stop by.  Snapped a few photos flipped a U'ey and headed across the bridge to Canada, of course crossing the bridge you could see the American Falls and Niagara really well,  probably the best pic would have been from the bridge.  If you've never been to see the falls just imagine any quarky roadside attraction times it by ten and that's pretty much what is surrounding the falls.  The falls themself are gorgeous the rest if a bunch of money making crap holes. There was a sign on the side a mall "Shop here while you view the falls" Huh! yeah that sounds like fun!  Skip forward to the notorious lake effect snow. If I hear one more person talk about the lake effect I think I'm going to punch them.  Anytime it snows everyone says "oh yeah that's the lake effect"  No that's just the weather moron!

Janaury 1st-3rd

So Brody and I are headed out to Nova Scotia, well not quite but might as well be.  We're way up north of Toronto outside a small town call Picton, Ontario, just off of Lake Ontario.  The trip started out great Brody was good on the plane to portland and then off to Chicago.  When we landed in Portland I tried to move right up to the front we only had 30 minutes to get to the next gate.  So I picked up our luggage two bags, then brody with his car seat and strapped him in put his luggage above us and started to sit down,  this whole process took about 10 minutes.  At this time the flight attendent told me we couldn't sit there that it was reserved for wheel chair people.  Instead of saying who do you think we are, we moved back about 13 rows, and another 10 minutes.  So, I see they announce the flight is full and the front row is open by the time the flight attendent comes around two people moved into those seats;  I mentioned to the attendent that we had a short timeframe and we had to wait for his wheelchair etc.  She said she would call ahead and shouldn't be a problem.
We land and wait to get off last just easier.  I have to make three trips out the plane for luggage, car seat and Brody, and we wait and wait, finally I ask someone where's his wheelchair, and they tell me there's nothing left, but they'll look into it.  finally they come up with his chair and hand me five parts.  "If there's any other parts let southwest know and we'll get them to you." so it the break and the handle for one side I don't have time to call him a jackass and we bolt out of there.  I have the carseat on like a backpack pushin the chair with brody in one hand and have rigged the duffel bag on the carrier on to roll,  I thought we asked for gate assistance?  Anyways, we made it on time and had plenty of help from the gate onto the plane, and there was someone in Buffalo to help us all the way to the car.  I tipped him a 20, only because we got out to the car and the breaks were grinded and I made him go back with me to get a new car.  Better safe than sorry.