Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Janaury 1st-3rd

So Brody and I are headed out to Nova Scotia, well not quite but might as well be.  We're way up north of Toronto outside a small town call Picton, Ontario, just off of Lake Ontario.  The trip started out great Brody was good on the plane to portland and then off to Chicago.  When we landed in Portland I tried to move right up to the front we only had 30 minutes to get to the next gate.  So I picked up our luggage two bags, then brody with his car seat and strapped him in put his luggage above us and started to sit down,  this whole process took about 10 minutes.  At this time the flight attendent told me we couldn't sit there that it was reserved for wheel chair people.  Instead of saying who do you think we are, we moved back about 13 rows, and another 10 minutes.  So, I see they announce the flight is full and the front row is open by the time the flight attendent comes around two people moved into those seats;  I mentioned to the attendent that we had a short timeframe and we had to wait for his wheelchair etc.  She said she would call ahead and shouldn't be a problem.
We land and wait to get off last just easier.  I have to make three trips out the plane for luggage, car seat and Brody, and we wait and wait, finally I ask someone where's his wheelchair, and they tell me there's nothing left, but they'll look into it.  finally they come up with his chair and hand me five parts.  "If there's any other parts let southwest know and we'll get them to you." so it the break and the handle for one side I don't have time to call him a jackass and we bolt out of there.  I have the carseat on like a backpack pushin the chair with brody in one hand and have rigged the duffel bag on the carrier on to roll,  I thought we asked for gate assistance?  Anyways, we made it on time and had plenty of help from the gate onto the plane, and there was someone in Buffalo to help us all the way to the car.  I tipped him a 20, only because we got out to the car and the breaks were grinded and I made him go back with me to get a new car.  Better safe than sorry. 

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