Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Beautiful Lake Onatrio

Friday, February 4, 2011

The last few days

The last day in the kitchen we were all trying to get rid of our food and make a couple of last dishes by combining a little of this with a little of that.  It was the first time Brody had a taken an interest in the boys around him.  I think Hudson was trying to Steam roll him(A move from Strange Brew, which we watched) and Ryan was trying to take his plastic bag away from him.  Brody's favorite toys consist of plastic grocery bags, or diaper wipe bags, he's real tough to shop for at Christmas,  "Look what I got for you, yes a bag from Target."  Hey he's a simple man,  anyhoo, it was really nice to see him interacting in some fashion with the other boys.  He did a fantastic his last few days.  Unfortunately, all of the kids had gotten sick within the last week and were at various stages of throat, stomach or lung problems.  I think Brody has a sore throat he's refused to eat the last 4 or 5 days, but he's still getting plenty of fluids and keeping a smile on his face.

The last day he received his improvement video a print out with his progress, and a written report to help continue the therapy at home.  As I mentioned before, the miracle from coming is hard work and consistency, just like anything else.  I was impressed with Brody's determination and his ability to try everything.  I always, wonder if he's a 4 year old stuck in a 7 month old body or a 7 month old stuck in a 4 year old body.  With the eyes and looks he was giving the teachers and myself. I'm pretty sure the kid has a wicked sense of humor and knows exactly what he's doing.   He would play the ladies.  I swear he probably got 50 kisses a day.  One time I recall switching out with Hudson(sometimes the kids would work better if they had someone knew helping them); they were all sitting and holding onto a bar in front of them.  So, as I was working with Hudson, Patty was sitting next to Brody,  not his favorite exercise.  First, he started to look up at her with those big brown droopy puppy-dog eyes and smile, and she finally caved in and gave him a kiss, then he would move his head towards her again and get another smooch.  Finally, I glance over and he is locked eye to eyer with her and has his head resting on his shoulder.  You know darn well he did the whole thing just to get a rest in by putting his head on her shoulder, but what're ya going to do, is sure was cute.

It was hard to say good bye to the families that were at the camp.  It's strange for five weeks we ate meals, shared food, diapers, diaper wipes, and a whole house together then just as quickly as it came together it evaporated even quicker.  The goodbyes were tougher on me then Brody, but I felt so bad for Hudson him and Ryan played all the time together and he was not a happy camper when it was time to say goodbye to Ryan.  I think Brody was sad to leave but even happier to be heading home.  I mentioned he would be seeing Jiji, Leah, Ari, Ryan and mommy soon and he started to smile.  Can't wait to see everyone and get back to the same old routine, something to be said about that!!  I think I read in one of my books that I finally received, something like this " a rich man knows he can always take time to make more money, but he can never buy more time."

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  1. Nicely put, Shaun! Good luck on the journey home...we love you!